St. Michael’s Cemetery

St. Michael's Crematory
Crematory Chapel
St. Francis Chapel
St. Joseph Entrance Rendering
St. Peter Mausoleum
St. Joseph Entrance Rendering
St. Francis Mausoleum Addition
St. Francis Mausoleum
St. Joseph Rendering
St. Francis Addition-Mezzanine Level
St. Joseph Mausoleum-under construction
St. Joseph Mausoleum

St. Michael’s Cemetery Details

  1. St. Joseph Mausoleum and Cemetery Office
    2 Story Chapel Mausoleum with 2548 casket spaces, 480 niche spaces & 8 Private Family Rooms. Completed in 2010
  2. St. Francis Mausoleum Addition
    2 ½ Story Mausoleum with 782 casket spaces & 128 niche spaces with a featured mezzanine level with glass niches. Completed in 2007
  3. St. Anthony Garden Mausoleum
    503 casket spaces & 100 niche spaces. Completed in 2007
  4. Crematory & Chapel
    Completed in 2005
  5. St. Peter’s Chapel Mausoleum
    1264 casket spaces & 180 niche spaces. Completed in 2004